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Yes! We'd love to link arms in stomping out Mental Illness and creating Mental Wellness

Cloud-Based Training & Engagement via Mobile Devices and SMS

Instant Depression Screening


  • 9 questions
  • immediate
  • private results sent to my device 

What's the catch?  

Catching signs of depression early, so you can talk to your doctor,

Results in 2 mins.

Product Features


Some of our products will come to you on your device, and others arrive in the mail.  Combining online with offline techniques, that you can touch and feel, is key to consistency.

#UnStigma Baby


Many times, depression is a chemical thing, not a character thing. It can start in the womb, without mom knowing it, or can be passed on and hereditary.

Don't Judge

Who We Help

School & Community Solutions

Teacher Behavioral Solutions

"Caught on Camera" decreases poor student behavior in the classroom while simultaneously filling the gap of mental health workers. Syncing parents to same methods in the spirit of improving continuity of care.

Hospitals and Physicians

Autism in Psychiatric Ward

"Caught on Camera" trains hospital employees, inpatients and outpatients to reduce stress using evidence-based methods of behavior modification. Syncing parents to same methods in the spirit of improving continuity of care.

Pregnant Women, Parents & Kids

Online Autism Therapy

"Caught on Camera" decreases family stress by training parents and children to prevent behaviors associated with anxiety and depression or stop negative behaviors. Using evidence-based methods of behavior modification, we sync teachers and school nurses the same methods that carry through to school.


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