About Us

Mental and Emotional Wellness Programs

Our Cloud-based video "Caught on Camera" Curriculum, is available through mobile devices, SMS Text, and online learning.

All ages are trained in preventative methods to prove Mental and Emotional Wellness, reducing the need for costly intervention when stress turns into anxiety and depression.   

Using Evidence-Based methods, endorsed by the US Surgeon General, we are on the forefront of a paradigm shift from Mental Illness to Mental Wellness.

Gator Behavior started as Autism Lizard, to assist parents who could not afford Therapy or were on waiting lists for Behavior Therapy.  As we began our search for healthcare partners with distribution channels in place, this happened.....

Hospitals & Schools Told Us They Needed Us

It was pointed out by a Medical Director at one of the largest behavioral healthcare systems in the state that our unique approach to training was appropriate for all families, and not only Autism. He indicated that we are limiting the number of families that we can help, that desperately need us. We were told this has to get out into the community on a larger scale for the mental and behavioral health of our communities.

Community Interrelationship Engagement

The Medical Director's words were echoed at schools, physician offices, hospitals, Children's Service Councils, insurance payers, and parents alike. 

We were educated that a number one stress in a parents' life is the family dynamic, which today tends to lack social, emotional, and coping skills. Getting the kids off to school on time, getting homework done, worrying about bullying, drugs and alcohol, and more. All of these parental concerns are causing stress, that when left unattended to, is causing anxiety and depression, which leads to further chronic diseases in parents as well as the children.

We were told by the community that all families would benefit from the positive communication and coping skills training, regardless if a family was living with a disability or not.  

Gator Behavior was formed due to our community educating us that our convenient 24/7/365 cloud-based solutions, will be a pillar of stress-reduction in all cities worldwide.