Gator Behavior's Mental Health Social Movement

Save the unborn babies, veterans, your brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents and YOU.

Join our social movement that provides jobs while changing the trajectory of the mental health crisis, from womb-to-tomb.

We are the “Uber” of mental health, by leveraging the idle time of community members to solve community mental health problems.

For every product purchased, we help 2 additional people in need, making a positive global impact. 

Depressive disorders, suicides and the huge treatment gap for people with severe mental illnesses remain major public health challenges that affect many societies.

Evidence shows us that prevention of mental disorders do exist. With the huge shortage of mental health professionals, there is no time is left for teaching prevention. Doctors are working to “treat” those affected, and now all has spiraled out of control.

That's where YOU come in, and with our training, you are able to make a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT IN YOUR COMMUNITY, with regards to prevention of mental disorders.

Mental health for all can only be achieved if all are involved in the promotion, prevention, and protection of mental health and well-being. Such social movements have proven instrumental in spurring progress in other public health domain such as breast cancer, sanitation, children's health and HIV-AIDS. If you have been waiting for a sign, this is it.