300 Nurses at a Top 10 Largest School System in the US

Nurse consensus at the individual schools: "Teachers do not know what to do with these students and are sending them to our office to babysit. We want to learn these strategies, to keep the students in the classroom and help them cope."

"These students are being sent one of 3 places to be babysat: 1) Nurses office 2) Social Workers' office  3) School Psychologists' office."

High School Math Teacher at Top 10 Largest School System in the US

"I try to get a few kids working in my classroom and they won't. Then a Behavior Therapist walks in and taps her finger on the desk and they get to work. I don't know what that technique is, or when to use it, but why is she the only one that gets to know? I could get my classroom more under control if I knew those techniques too."

Largest Behavioral Healthcare System in West Florida

Medical Director: "This program that you have created for Autism only needs to be changed to include ALL parents and children to improve behavior. Why are you only helping Autism?  These strategies are the same for all children with behavior concerns."

"You need to create a Parent-to-Parent Support System, that's what communities are missing."

Vice President of Behavioral Health:

"Many parents of children with behavioral health concerns are coming into our Emergency Department because our community is lacking in services or parents cannot afford them. We have to admit them to the Psychiatric Ward in order to stabilize them. This is not where they belong.  These children need to be taught these skills to help them proactively.  Schools will welcome the opportunity to use this program."

Director of Innovation:

"We need to have something to give the parents at discharge that will assist them to reduce the negative behaviors at home, so they stop the cycle of negativity."